We will start with the main pieces like the coffee table, console table and side table.


The Plaza Console Table (pictured below) demonstrates clean, contemporary lines to suit a minimalistic aesthetic. With stunning, smooth smoked glass, this beautiful table can be used as a hallway display or bedroom dressing table. This Console Table not only looks great, but is also hard wearing as it is made of stainless steel and strong smoked glass.

Get the Plaza console table


The Plaza Coffee Table (pictured below) features dusky smoked glass top with square design stainless steel framework. The Plaza Coffee Table demonstrates clean, contemporary lines to suit a minimalistic aesthetic. With stunning, smooth smoked glass, this beautiful table will complement any modern home interior.

Get the Plaza Coffee table


The Plaza Side Table (pictured below) features stunning, smooth smoked glass and can be used as a side drinks or lamp table or to beautifully display your modern art.

Get the Plaza Side table


Illuminate your new living room in style with these amazing Hollywood lamps.

Get the Hollywood Table Lamp

This modern and stylish table lamp features chrome legs and a 13″ grey faux silk cylinder shade. It looks great on the Plaza Console Table (as pictured above) or the Plaza Side Table.

Get the Hollywood Floor Lamp

This modern and stylish floor lamp features chrome legs and a 19″ grey faux silk cylinder shade. It looks great next to the Plaza Side Table (as pictured above) or anywhere else in the room.


Add a romantic touch to your living room by placing a candle in this great looking stainless steel lantern.

Get the Stainless Steel Lantern

This modern stainless steel lantern comes with a glass door and a handy handle so you can easily move it around the room to add a touch of romance to any corner of the room. It looks great sat next to the Plaza Console Table (as pictured above), but will also look great anywhere else in the room as the stainless steel and glass on the lantern perfectly complement all products featured in this guide.


No living room is complete without soft furnishings like cushions and rugs. They add personality to the room and provide comfort with their luxurious softness.

Get the Filled White Glittered Cushion

This pretty glittery filled white cushion will add a touch of sparkle and playfulness to the clean and modern look of the main pieces in this guide. The white glittered cushion (pictured above) looks great on any sofa, but can really pop if placed on a grey or darker sofa. That being said it can add some sparkle to a white sofa as well.

Get the Filled Charcoal Shaggy Cushion

This snuggly soft shaggy cushion can be used alongside the white glittered cushion to add another colour to your soft furnishings while still keeping the colour scheme clean and modern. It is really soft and comfy too.

Get the Grey Four Pelt Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Measuring 130x200cm this soft and shaggy faux sheepskin rug fits perfectly under the Plaza Coffee Table. Its colour goes amazingly well with both the stainless steel frame of the Plaza Coffee Table and the smoked mirror top of the Plaza Coffee Table. These two products were truly made for each other.


Having fresh flowers in your home is said to increase creativity, improve mood, and promote relaxation. Not to mention the fact that they make your home smell great and can help you spruce up your home decor. Here are 4 great vases featuring smoked glass that will go great with the products featured in this guide. What is more they are extremely reasonably priced so you don’t have an excuses for not adding some fresh flowers to your brand new living room.

Get the 42cm and 32cm smoked glass vases

These beautiful smoked glass vases look great atop the Plaza Console Table, the Plaza Coffee Table, and the Plaza Side Table as the smoked glass of the vases perfectly complements the smoked glass top of the Plaza tables.

Get the 45cm and 55cm smoked glass vases

These are the taller version of the smoked glass vases featured above. They look great as a pair atop any of the Plaza tables.


Now that we have covered all main pieces and accessories we can’t just leave the walls bare. That would be boring. You can add a personal touch to your living room by adding any of the complementary stainless steel wart art products or the smoked glass wall clocks from this section.

Get the Diamond Geometric Mirror Wall Art and the Geometric Mirror Wall Art

These modern stainless steel wall art pieces perfectly complement the stainless steel frames of the Plaza tables and add to the clean and modern feel of your living room.

Next day delivery available.
Get the Smoked glass wall clock

This large smoked glass wall clock is battery operated and features easy-to-read, chrome roman numeral numbers and hands. The face of this clock is inlaid with thousands of tiny sparkly, smoked crushed crystals that give a refined shimmery effect.


This guide’s main objective is to show you how to create a stylish living room on a budget, but we thought we would include some premium accessories as well as with all the money you would be saving you might want to splurge a little on some premium accessories.

Pair the Plaza console table with our Smoked Glass Dressing Table Mirror

This is a match made in heaven. Both products feature smoked glass and have that ultra modern, stylish look. The Dressing Table Mirror
is a stylish sparkling silver freestanding bevelled edge dressing table mirror with 9 LED light bulbs, smoked glass frame and electric cable featuring dimmable switch. Fantastic way to add some old school Hollywood glamour to your bedroom. Many similar mirrors do not have the added feature of a variable brightness option, which can be extremely useful to get the perfect amount of light.

Get the Smoked Glass Dressing Table Mirror With 9 Dimmable LED Light Bulbs
take your cosnole table to the next level with these great matching accessories

Personalise your console table and add some sparkle to your living room with these great matching smoked glass accessories. They are from our Premium Diamond Glitz Noir range and are pricier than the rest of the products featured in this styling guide, but with all the money you will save from the other pieces you can afford to splurge a little 🙂

Now that we have showed you all the main pieces and all accessories you can get to create a modern and stylish living room it is time to see what budget you would need to recreate the living room from this guide. Let’s add the prices of all the products featured in this guide and see what budget you would need. These are all the main pieces and accessories (excluding the premium accessories mentioned in the last section):

to buy all 16 products you would need £1,551.40

Obviously, you don’t need to buy all 16 products. Maybe you don’t want 2 vases or maybe you don’t need a wall clock. You can mix and match the products from this guide and create your unique living room. If you buy fewer than the 16 products above then the price will be even lower than £1,551.40

is this really good value for money?

We think to answer this question it might be best to show you what you can get from another brand for the same budget. And, no, their products are not better quality. The product we will show you actually uses the same materials as our Plaza tables (stainless steel and glass) and we actually prefer our equivalent of their product 🙂 And we are pretty confident you will get the same product life from both. So here is what you can get from a brand called Eichholtz (which sells coffee tables similar to our Plaza coffee table):

This coffee table will set you back £1,995.00

For the price of the coffee table above (called the Eichholtz Royalton Coffee Table) you cancreate an amazing, stylish and modern living room and have £443.6 left! What is more you can even pruchase our products and pay monthly with 0% interest. We pay the interest for you making it even more affordable to create your dream living room. You can read more about our Pay Monthly With 0% Interest payment option in the section below.

Pay monthly with 0% interest

We have partnered with DivideBuy to provide our customers with interest free credit on all orders if our customers choose to pay monthly as opposed to paying the order total outright using their credit or debit card, PayPal or their Amazon account.

We pay the interest for you (12%) so you can enjoy our amazing products without having to wait.

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