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About Mirrored Lamps

Furniture goes a long way towards defining the style of a room. And that sentiment certainly stretches to lamps. Whether you need one to rest on a bedside table and use for reading late at night, or to go on a coffee table to set a relaxing ambience in front of the TV, the right table lamp will create the appropriate tone and atmosphere for your room of choice.

We have a stunning range of mirrored lamps that will capture your imagination and heart. What goes into our mirrored lamps? Our products feature different bases, stalks and shades, which are all intended to offer you an alternative option for your home.

This is because we recognise that we’re all different. We all have differing likes and dislikes, plus your rooms all deserve bespoke attention, too.

Luckily, the mirrored effect is quite versatile. You can choose from different trims and finishes. Plus, you’ll see that you can simply adapt your approach depending on what you require your lamp to achieve in any given room.

For instance, a striking, stylish reflective design might work in your hallway, but that’s not what you want in the cosy environment of a living room.

There, it might be better to have something warmer and subtler. Perhaps a mirrored lamp that offers a softer effect on your living space. Either way, mirrors will make the most of the natural and manufactured light at your disposal.

Mirror-effect furniture offers a beautiful, clean and streamlined finish to any room. It’s a neat way of adding a bit of timeless glamour to your home, even if you’re a fan of the ultra-modern look or you’re into chic comfort. So if you’d like to add a bit of star quality to your bedroom, sitting room or hallway, you can… without sacrificing your taste in fashion.