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White Glove Available
Original price was: £699.00.Current price is: £399.95.
White Glove Available
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White Glove Available
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About Mirrored Dining Tables

Give a sense of magic to every meal with this stunning and shimmering range of mirrored dining tables. Perfect for those in search of a unique way to add depth and beauty to their dining room space, our beautiful mirrored dining tables combine Venetian charm, with modern-day contemporary elements to give you a glamorous home experience that's completely unmatched by any other design trend.

Not only is a mirrored dining table a great talking point for your guests when you're entertaining, but it's also a fantastic way to provide the illusion of extra space in your dining room. As each edge of your table's perfectly beveled glass edges captures and reflects the light around your interior space, you'll find that your room begins to shine and sparkle, adding a sense of otherworldly charm to your home.

Do you want an unforgettable dining room experience? When combined with other mirrored dining room furniture, or used alone as a central piece, mirrored dining tables are the perfect room to transform your interior design efforts, and create a contemporary effect for your home. Each of the mirrored pieces in the Picture Perfect Home collection has been carefully crafted using the highest quality materials, to ensure that you not only have a breathtaking range of home accessories but tables and sideboards that can stand the test of time, too.

A unique way for glamorous souls to show off their sense of style, mirrored dining room tables are an experience in opulence, versatile enough to fit seamlessly alongside any set of tastes. No matter the experience you home to deliver with your mirrored dining room table, you're sure to leave your guests astounded with this beautiful range. Available now for free delivery across the UK, browse our collection to find your perfect piece today.