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About diamond crush Mirrored Furniture

Nothing expresses elegance and sophistication quite like a diamond. The crystal clear brilliance of a girl’s best friend is incomparable; it’s a timeless symbol of romance, love, purity, eternity and strength that has inspired artists, poets and lovers alike. It’s true to say that this ever-popular treasure will never be out of fashion.

At Picture Perfect Home we simply adore the glitz and glamour associated with diamonds and we really wanted to incorporate them into one of our furniture collections. So, let us introduce you to the simply stunning Diamond Crush range: an unbelievably sparkly assortment of furniture that contains tiny crushed glass crystals that glitter and shine, just like diamonds. Each product in the range combines the crushed glass fragments with our light-reflective silver mirrored finish, making for a truly stunning piece of art.

Because light bounces dramatically off the mirrored elements the beauty of crushed glass is accentuated. The pieces look truly amazing in both natural and artificial light, transforming your home into a decadent, stylish haven.

Whether you want to add a glamorous focal point for your bedroom with a dazzling chest of drawers; or you want to brighten and beautify your lounge with a glittering nest of tables; this range has something for everyone.

And at Picture Perfect we don’t forget the finer details either; because accessorising your home is just as important as furnishing it when you’re trying to create that wow factor. So why not add an extra touch of class with eye-catching Diamond Crush coasters and iridescent picture frames.

Diamonds have dazzled and delighted us for generations and there’s no doubt that they’re here to stay. So now is the perfect time to enjoy their timeless allure in the comfort of your home and create a look that oozes elegance.