Knocker Chairs And Lion Knocker Dining Chairs

If you are as fussy as we are, you have a whole list of requirements when it comes to buying a dining chair. That’s why we choose these knocker back dining chairs and lion knocker dining chairs which we think tick all the boxes. They come in different fabrics like velvet and leather, different colours ranging from classic grey to cute pink, and feature chrome legs, gold legs, or wood legs, so there is something to suit every taste and every interior.

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Why we think

You will love Our knocker back chairs

Forget about chairs that all look the same, the ring knocker makes this chair unique and will attract attention. You can either choose the rather modern and simple ring knockers, or, if you want to go for a bolder statement, have a look at our very popular lion head knocker chairs.

But chairs don’t only need to look nice, they have to be comfortable as well. So we chose chairs with deeply padded seats and backrests that provide extra back support, so your guests would not mind staying for dessert or longer.

The velvet and leather upholsteries are durable and easy to maintain. The chairs are sturdy and come with floor protectors.

To suit any interior, our knocker back chairs come in different colours. If you prefer a more muted colour scheme you can choose from grey, black or mink. These neutral-coloured chairs go great with marble and chrome dining tables, but will also fit most other colours. If you want to add a splash of colour, you can go for bolder colours like navy blue or pink.

These chairs don’t only look great in the dining room, many of our customers use them in other rooms as well. For example, the pink velvet chairs are often added to create a more feminine look in the bedroom or to complement white dressing tables.

Get inspired

How our customers are using our knocker chairs

Get your glam on

Our lion knocker chairs make for great dressing table chairs

This photo submitted by one of our lovely customers shows how our Diana Wide Mink Velvet And Chrome Dining Chair With Lion Ring Knocker can be used as a comfortable and Instagram-worthy dressing chair. The mink colour of the chair perfectly complements white dressing tables. The extra wide, curved, deeply padded backrest makes sure you are never uncomfortable or experience any back pains no matter how long your beauty routine is.
Looks great in grey

Create a monochromatic dining room look that will never go out of style

This video submitted by one of our lovely customers shows how well our Diana Wide Grey Velvet And Chrome Dining Chair With Lion Ring Knocker goes with marble and chrome dining tables. Add any of our grey lion knocker back dining chairs to a grey marble dining table and finish the look with a grey or silver carpet for a look the will exude sophistication and class and will never go out of style.
Pretty comfortable

Get your work done in style

Working remotely has become the norm for many people. Our wide back knocker chairs provide you with the back support and comfort you need to power through even the longest and most demanding of tasks. A customer of ours, Alisa, noted this about our Diana Wide Pink Velvet And Chrome Dining Chair With Lion Ring Knocker "I’m working on it every day because my work is remote and I feel absolutely comfortable with it. I love colour, fabric and height- everything is perfect for me!" and you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort as Alisa also noted "I received a lot of compliments on it from my friends."
Easy maintenance with PU Leather

Our PU Leather knocker dining chairs are the perfect choice for families with kids

If you like knocker chairs but think velvet is not the best upholstery choice for your family because you have young children, then you can choose one of our PU leather knocker dining chairs.
This video submitted by one of our lovely customers shows Diana Hudson Grey PU Leather Wide Dining Chair With Lion Ring Knocker. Combine our PU leather dining chairs with our PU leather dining benches for an easy to maintain and clean dining set. Our PU leather knocker dining chairs are available in Hudson grey and Midnight Black.