Dining Chairs

Did you ever wonder what makes a dining area stand out? Although most would answer that the dining table is the eye-catching feature of the dining area, it’s actually the dining chairs which create focal points in the room and determine the style. A dining chair adds personality and comfort to your space, and there are many styles and materials to choose from: traditional dining chairs, modern dining chairs, wooden dining chairs, dining chairs with fabric upholstering, leather dining chairs or faux leather dining chairs. They offer a cosy place to sit for early morning breakfasts, mid-day snacking times to late-night dinner parties. With our range of dining chairs, you can make sure to share meals and enjoy talks in style and with comfort.

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Your dining area is the heart of your home. It is the space to come together as a family, spend time with friends and often works as an interim workspace as well. All of this shows the importance when it comes to choosing your perfect dining chairs. There are many facts to consider: your new dining chairs have to suit your home décor, complement your lifestyle and offer lots of comfort for your dinner time. Have a look at our dining chair guide below to find the perfect option for your home.

Find the most comfortable option by choosing an upholstered dining chair, which will provide a perfect level of comfort. Having a cosy chair is very important for our mealtimes to enjoy the dining experience properly. Our range of products supports a good posture and ensures you don’t leave them with an aching back. The plush cushioning and a comfortable backrest help to rest your back while sitting down.

A dining chair is the eye-catching feature of your dining room. It should fit the existing home décor but should also add a stylish touch to your room. That’s why the right style is an important factor in choosing the perfect chair. We offer different styles to match your needs: we love the range of country-house style chairs with deep cushioning and traditional features, the stylish ring knocker back chairs with glamorous details and the contemporary options for your modern dining room. Try to mix and match different styles for a unique look in your dining room.

Would you like your dining chair to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room or would you want it to stand out? Dining chairs are the perfect option to make a bold statement as an accent piece. A contrasting colour like pink, orange or blue can create an eye-catching look, while muted colours like mink, beige or grey provide a harmonised look. We love to choose dining chairs with bold patterns to create an accent in the room.

A dining chair is often used, and dinner times can get rather messy. Whether you need to make sure they don’t get too dusty or you need to remove food and drink stains, we are happy that all of our dining chairs are very easy to clean. In most cases, a simple wet wipe is enough to remove the stain and make your chair look like new. This helps to keep the dining chair presentable for your next dinner table. We only chose chairs for our dining chair collection made of solid materials, providing the most durability possible. The well-constructed chairs and the sturdy frames ensure the chairs won’t get flimsy or break over time.

We hope this overview makes it easy to find the perfect dining chair for your dining room. Have a look at our large collection to find exactly what you are looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good quality dining chair?

A good quality dining chair comes with a sturdy frame and is made of high-quality materials. This ensures the chair does not get wobbly over time. A chair with a well-built frame is designed to last for a long time. It increases the durability of the chair and makes sure you don’t need to replace them often.

What is the importance of dining chairs?

Dining chairs are the most important piece of furniture in your dining room. They offer you a comfortable seat to get ready for the day, have a quick lunch and relax after a long day of work. The look of the dining chairs determines the look of your dining area.

What are the most comfortable dining chair dimensions?

Your new dining chairs should be at least 30cm lower than the bottom of your tabletop to avoid knee injuries. While slim chairs are space-saving options, they are not always comfortable to sit on. The wider the chair is, the more comfort it provides. We love chairs with armrests, which help to relax your whole body while enjoying the meal.

Should dining chairs be the same height?

It helps to choose chairs which are the same height. This creates a sense of visual harmony and balance, which makes sure your dining room provides a calming atmosphere. If you are looking for a rather bold statement, choosing different heights can help to create an eye-catching look.

How do I choose the most comfortable chair?

A comfortable chair comes with deep padding, a wide backrest and cosy armrests. Our range of dining chairs provides plush cushioning and ergonomically designed backrests for perfect back support. The soft materials like velvet and linen provide a very comfortable feel while enjoying your dinner time.

How is the chair supposed to fit?

Choose chairs with seats that are at least 30cm lower than the bottom of the table to make sure no knee or leg injuries are going to happen. Each chair needs about 60cm of space, which makes it comfortable for everyday use.

What are the defining features of a chair?

The look of a dining chair is defined by the materials, the colour and the style of the chair. Smooth materials like metal and leather create a modern appeal, which can elevate the design of your dining room. Glamorous options like velvet and gold metal add a feel of luxury to your dining area. We also love the traditional options with country-house-style details and natural materials.