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White Glove Available
(2) Original price was: £299.00.Current price is: £178.95.
White Glove Available
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White Glove Available
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Sahara Ideas And Inspiration

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About Sahara Mirrored Furniture

Our Sahara range of gold mirrored furniture is visually stunning. Inspired and enriched by its African heritage, every piece in incredibly impactful.

Our console tables, stools, benches and beds are all statement pieces in their own right. Each item has been wonderfully constructed using only the finest grades of wood and finishing materials.

So, what does Saharan furniture stand for? Well, for starters, traditional African furniture feels indulgent, very sophisticated and extremely comfortable. It’s also highly decorative, which is why mirrors, mirror paneling and sparkling edging are a common theme.

Maybe it’s time that you transformed your house into a lavish, luxurious haven. Often seen as opulent and extravagant, the retro-mirrored furniture has oriental features that mean every piece will seamlessly slot into any room and offer you the glamorous and characteristic home that you’ve always wanted.

But it’s not all about the looks. African furniture is functional, durable and built to last, just as you’d expect. Not only will our products do what you need them to, but also they’ll be low maintenance and hardwearing. So when you’ve taken a look and picked out the products that you like, you can rest easy and be sure that you’ve made a good investment.

All in all, the products in our Sahara range are really popular. Really, you’re only problem will be deciding where to put everything. 

And don’t forget that at Picture Perfect, we’ll always put you first. We only handpicking the very best pieces of furniture, checking and packing your selection with the upmost care, or offering free delivery on all UK orders that are made on our website.