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About Venetian Gold Mirrored Furniture

The Venetian styled gold mirrored furniture that we sell at Picture Perfect will appeal to you if you’re the type of person that craves a lavish and exuberant home.

As a focal point of fashion since the 11th Century, Venice has a long association with culture and the arts. For a long time now, Venice has produced some of the best and most refined furniture and furniture styles in the world.

Throughout history, Venice was always synonymous with mirrors and that’s why our Venetian styled mirror furniture captures the essence of premium Italian furniture. So, do you fancy adorning your house with some exquisite, detailed pieces of mirrored furniture?

With an antique feel, Venetian styled mirror furniture is a statement of style, class and quality. In terms of high-end luxury, Venetian furniture can’t be rivaled. Our unique three-way dressing table mirror mixes incredibly well with the Venetian stools, dressing tables and bed frames.

The fantastical 2-drawer coffee table is unbelievably eye-catching and would instantly transform your living room into something out of the movies. Meanwhile, our mirrored drawer cabinets and cupboards aren’t just about making a strong first impression… this is about something deeper.

Our elegant products will transport you back into ancient Italy in a heartbeat. The Italians have always had a deep-rooted sense for fashion and, at Picture Perfect, that’s something we love about Venetian furniture. In Venice, furniture was an interesting combination of minimalistic sharpness with glorious, romantic extravagance.

And, as always, if you see something that you like, you can rely on Picture Perfect to complete your order with the minimum of fuss. That means carefully packaging up any Italian mirrored furniture in your basket and giving free delivery on any UK orders that are made on our website.