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Cantilever dining chairs are modern classics, offering a unique style with a seemingly floating seat. The airy and flowing look of this iconic mid-century design has never lost its appeal and makes a true statement in your home. Vintage cantilever dining chairs embody a perfect blend of form, function and innovative design and are a lovely addition to any living space. We have collected our favourite cantilever chairs dining to offer a stunning array of options for diverse tastes and settings. Don’t miss out on this handpicked collection of cantilever dining chairs uk and discover your new favourites.

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The cantilever dining chair: combining floating elegance with a timeless appeal.

If you are searching to add a wow factor to your dining room, cantilever dining chairs might just be what you are looking for. They are authentic statement pieces, capturing the iconic design of the mid-century modern movement and offering a lovely retro appearance. The story of vintage cantilever dining chairs began in the early 1920s, and the unique design has not lost its appeal ever since. We are happy to take you on this journey and add some tips on styling this iconic chair.

What is the history of cantilever design? Which architect made cantilevers famous? Who designed the first cantilever chair?

First off, a little history lesson. Cantilever dining room chairs are not the invention of one single designer but are the product of the cooperation of several pioneers of modern furniture design. The Dutch architect Mart Stam was the first to create a prototype resembling the design we know and love today in the year 1926. This first concept chair featured a loop of steel, which replaced the traditional chair legs. The design of this first cantilever dining room chairs was further explored by other prominent designers like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, who created their own interpretation of this unique design. The outcome was designs with tubular steel frames, floating appearances and airy looks. Back in the 1920s, cantilever dining room chairs were utterly new. Blending form and function with the floating appearance created a design that looked more like a piece of modern art than an actual chair. 

Why are cantilever designs popular?

Today's cantilever dining chairs with arms still have this art-like appeal, but also offer a retro-inspired look that’s easy to love. The design blends form and function and offers an airy feel that adds an open, floating atmosphere to any room. Modern cantilever dining chairs come with a slight bounce effect, thanks to the lovely and flexible design of the metal frame. The ergonomic shape, soft padding and comfy backrests offer plenty of comfort. Dining chairs cantilever offer sleek lines, modern aesthetics and can shine in many settings.

The most obvious place for retro cantilever dining chairs is dining rooms, where they can be placed around your favourite dining table and offer a visual focal point with their elegant form and innovative design. They complement both glass, metal and wooden dining tables and offer a touch of modernity to any look. Suppose your living space features an open-plan kitchen. In that case, cantilever dining chairs can be a lovely addition to a breakfast bar and add to the appearance of openness and flow. If you are a true design lover, consider adding a retro cantilever dining chair to your home office space. Not only do they offer comfortable seats for long periods of work, but they also add a sophisticated look to your work area. Cantilever dining room chairs are also a lovely choice if you like to add accent chairs to your living room.

There are so many materials to choose from, and the wide range of styles and textures makes it hard to choose. Let’s start with leather cantilever dining chairs or faux leather cantilever dining chairs if you are looking for an animal-friendly alternative. The sleek appearance of this material adds a luxurious feel to the classy look of cantilever dining chairs. Whether you are thinking about brown leather cantilever dining chairs or grey leather cantilever dining chairs, you won’t be disappointed in the sophisticated appearance. Cantilever fabric dining chairs are probably the most popular choice if you enjoy the soft warmth of the material. The soft, inviting look adds a lovely contrast to the sleek metal frame. Velvet cantilever dining chairs are our secret favourites with their plush and lush feel. If you are looking for a unique and sustainable alternative, think about rattan cantilever dining chairs. They are perfect to add a touch of bohemian to your home and offer lots of natural warmth. The combination of the natural rattan and the modern frame creates a laid-back yet stylish vibe. Of course, our range of cantilever dining chairs also offers different metal finishes from which to choose. The most popular choice is chrome cantilever dining chairs, but have you heard of brass cantilever dining chairs? They are a unique alternative for everyone looking for a warmer style. 

Colour choices, as well as different materials, are almost endless. Grey cantilever dining chairs are very common, blending understated elegance and a sleek look. This colour can complement both bright and muted interior designs. Black cantilever dining chairs, on the other hand, can add a bold statement style to your dining area. We secretly love tan cantilever dining chairs; the light neutral colour is a lovely alternative to rich browns and fits into a range of decor styles from rustic to modern. Last but not least, white cantilever dining chairs offer a crisp, clean look that brightens and opens up any space.Each type of cantilever dining chairs adds its own unique look to your home, ranging from bold modern to charmingly contemporary. We have collected the best cantilever dining chairs and are happy to present our favourites in the range cantilever dining chairs uk. Whether you are looking for cantilever dining chairs set of 6, cantilever dining chairs set of 4 or just single chairs to create a statement in any room of your living space.