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Cross back dining chairs come with a lovely French bistro vibe to them that we love to add to our kitchen or dining room. Those decorative x-shaped backrests are not only visually interesting elements, but cross back dining room chairs support our backs during long, laughter-filled dinners, are always in style and are incredibly durable. Oak cross back dining chairs have really made their way into our hearts and homes. That's why we collected a whole range of 'cross back dining chairs uk' to offer you plenty of different colours, styles and looks to choose from.

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Cross Back Dining Chairs: A Blend of Comfort and Style

Cross-back dining chairs are undeniably charming; They transform any space into a cosy corner that looks like a cute French bistro. In the last few years, there has been a lot of focus on dining areas in the kitchen, but formal dining rooms are starting to make a glamorous return. Whether you are looking to add a bit of French charm to your kitchen counter, your dining space or your formal dining room, cross back dining room chairs are perfect for doing so. They offer a simple, slightly rustic, charming elegance that looks great in any setting. Let’s embark on a delightful journey to explore this style in detail. 

Cross back dining room chairs come in many different styles. They can bring a farmhouse appearance to your home, add an industrial touch or come with the lovely French chic (which we secretly adore the most). The most popular cross back dining chairs, the french provincial cross back dining chairs, feature a perfectly unique look. They are equipped with flexible pieces of wood, stretching from one side of the back to the other. Those slim pieces are usually fixed with visible rivets or bolts, adding to the slightly vintage look. 

We love this retro appearance of bentwood cross back dining chairs. They usually feature small imperfections, slight uneven angles and the mentioned visible nails or bolts. All these details add a hand-crafted appearance, which is usually supported by distressed or worn finishes. Those finishes make cross back oak dining chairs easy to fit with different styles, especially if you are looking for a shabby chic style or an industrial feel. They are the perfect counterpoint to the straight, clean lines of modern home dècor and offer a soft, warmth which creates a homey atmosphere. Imagine walking into a room, where cross back dining chairs and table are decorated for a lively family dinner. You will instantly feel wrapped in an atmosphere of rustic elegance and French chic. 

Cross dining chairs come in many different colours and are crafted from various types of wood, each and every one offering a distinct style. Grey cross back dining chairs are an ever-popular choice and are the typical choice if you are looking for stunning French chic. We can easily envision soft grey chairs gathered around a rustic wooden table, which is filled with freshly baked croissants and steaming pots of coffee. Or imagine a set of black cross back dining chairs, paired with a workbench-inspired industrial dining table. Those chairs create the perfect counterpoint to the masculine atmosphere and offer soft curves and a dash of warmth. We also love cream cross back dining chairs or cross back dining chairs white, which feel like relaxed summer times in the vibrant streets of Paris. The possibilities and colour options are endless, whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or enjoying an intimate meal. 

Dining chairs with cross backs not only feature a unique look, but they provide a comfortable seat as well. The flexible backrest construction adapts to different body shapes and offers sound back support exactly where you need it. We love that oak cross back dining chairs feature soft curves and avoid rigid angles to offer perfect comfort. 

Incorporating cross back rattan dining chairs into your home is like inviting French bistro charm into your daily routine. Those simple chairs have the ability to transform an ordinary dining area into a space with a charming, inviting atmosphere. If you sit down on your new cross back dining chairs set of 4, you can almost hear the distant sound of French accordions playing, feel the gentle breeze of the cote d'Azur and smell the freshly baked croissants. Don't miss this opportunity to add your own dining chairs with criss cross back to your home and have a look at our extensive range of cross back dining chairs for sale.

Cross Back Dining Chairs FAQ

Are crossback dining chairs comfortable?

The comfort of a cross back dining chair can vary, but if you love the typical French design as much as we do, you won’t be disappointed. This distinct construction features two strings of flexible woods, stretched from one side of the backrest to the other. Those pieces adapt to the body shape of the person sitting down, providing comfort and a good amount of back support. Visible nails or bolts hold the backrest in place and create a unique look with a hand-crafted appearance. Paired with distressed finishes, a set of cross back dining chairs offers a lovely vintage appearance.

The dimensions of cross back chairs can vary based on the style and design you like the most. Typically, you can find pieces with an overall height ranging between 86 to 97 centimetres, which is a medium height, perfect to create an airy look in your dining area. The width and the depth of cross back dining chairs at their widest point can range from 41 to 51 centimetres. However, actual dimensions depend a lot on the specific design and manufacturer. We are happy to offer you an extensive range of cross back dining chairs for sale to find the perfect style and suitable dimensions.

A cross back dining chair can come in many different styles and designs. The defining feature, the X-shaped backrest, features two intersecting diagonal branches that form the mentioned X, which offers structural support, comfort and a visually appealing aesthetic. Depending on the design, cross back dining room chairs feature the classic French bistro look, a rustic or farmhouse-inspired style or a modern appearance. This timeless design has been adapted many times to provide the right cross back dining chair for any interior design setting.