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Japandi dining chairs - don’t miss out on the latest trend in interior design to incorporate a powerful and sublime aesthetic in your dining room. Japandi style is new in the world of home decor and a beautiful fusion of Japanese minimalism and elegant Scandinavian styles. Japandi style dining chairs feature a lovely combination of simplicity, functionality and warm colours. If you enjoy this trend as much as we do, dive into our curated selection of Japandi dining chairs and create your own minimalist-inspired dining room.

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Japan meets Scandinavia: encounter Japandi dining chairs!

Searching for Japandi style? If you don’t know the term yet, this is your opportunity to explore a new trend in interior design. If you have already encountered Japandi style, dive into the characteristics and style ideas. Let’s start with styling a Japandi-style dining room and meet the most important characters: the Japandi dining chairs. 

The term “Japandi” is a combination of “Japanese” and “Scandi”. Both styles are about minimalism and are the perfect example of a “less-is-more” philosophy. Japandi merges the classic simplicity of Japanese designs and the warmth of Scandinavian styles. Where they differ, they complement each other. Japanese styles are rather sleek and embrace rich, earthy colours. This pairs lovely with the rustic look of Scandinavian styles and the monochrome colour palette. The combination of both looks leads to muted and kind of sparse designs, which are paired with soft elements, clean-lined elements and lovely structures. The deep appreciation of natural elements is a key element of this unique look.

Although the style is trending, it is actually not new in the world of interior design. It can be traced back to the 1850s when Japan opened their borders after a 200 years closed-borders-policy

Japandi style dining chairs come with an earthy, functional energy that helps to balance all the technology surrounding us constantly, which tends to create an overwhelming feeling. The simplicity of the look and the clean lines create a calmness that helps us to relax after long days of work. But there is more to Japandi dining chairs: functionality and comfort are important, which leads to cosy designs that help to release tension in the body and relax the muscles. And let’s not forget about the outstanding craftsmanship, which ensures high-quality and durable dining chairs. We love the sense of balance and harmony, which is fundamental to dining chairs japandi. Carefully curated elements decorate each chair and provide a harmonious, balanced atmosphere. 

Let’s look into the dreamy colour palette of Japandi style, especially Japandi dining chairs. The use of natural woods creates an outstanding sense of warmth and a relaxing look. Especially light-coloured tones like oak or ash add a calming feel to your home. These natural elements are paired with different kinds of upholstery. We love classic white and beige fabrics like linen or cotton, which add a sense of elegance. Paired with the natural wood, it creates a graceful appearance. If you prefer a more colourful appearance, Japandi-style dining chairs in soft greens and blues add a dash of colour to your home without overwhelming the space. The same goes for charcoal grey and rich black; both pair well with the natural coloured wood and create a very modern appearance.

If you are thinking about how to combine your new Japandi dining table and chairs with other items, we are happy to provide some inspiration. The style is all about decluttering and creating order in your space. However, it does not mean you need to live in a bare room and remove everything that includes personality. It’s actually the opposite: Japandi style dining chairs should be combined with well-curated interior and carefully selected objects. We love to include decorations that don’t overwhelm our space but draw our attention gently. That’s why we advise investing in timeless designs and embracing simplicity. Including imperfect, natural elements helps to support the warm atmosphere.

We hope you love the refined simplicity of our Japandi dining chairs as much as we do. This collection epitomises clean lines, natural materials and timeless designs. Each dining chair is crafted with attention to detail and made from natural materials. Our range of Japandi dining chairs is tailored to fit your individual preferences with a wide collection of different finishes, upholstery and details. We love to elevate your dining chairs with the harmonious blend of Japandi dining chairs.

Japandi Dining Chairs FAQ

What are the rules of Japandi style?

The rules of Japandi style are easy to follow. Search for clean-lined pieces of furniture with a timeless design and slight, structured decorations. Everything is about minimalism and simplicity, so it is a good idea to incorporate well-curated interior and carefully selected objects. Let’s take the dining room as an example: a japandi dining table and chairs are a good starting point to create a Japandi style in your home. Paired with plants and lots of natural light, it is easy to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. Decluttering and including simple and small, muted-down decorations are a good way to add a Japandi atmosphere to your home.

Japandi furniture is the perfect mix of Scandinavian cosiness and Japanese minimalism and sense of beauty. The 4 key elements of Japandi style are minimalism, natural light, neutral colours and sustainability. We love the simplicity of this look, which is combined with neutral muted-down colours and natural materials. Japandi furniture is all about creating a relaxed atmosphere, which helps to balance out all the technology surrounding us. It creates a safe, cosy space in which we feel calm and fully at home. 

The mix of Scandinavian and Japanese design is called “Japandi style” and is recently trending in the interior world. We love how this look pairs Scandinavian cosiness with Japanese minimalism. Key elements are the use of sustainable, natural materials like solid woods and linen or cotton fabrics. These elements are paired with lots of natural light and a muted-down colour scheme. We love the decluttered style that focuses on simple, imperfect decorations, clean lines and slight structures. It creates a relaxing, harmonious atmosphere.

Minimalist Japandi style is all about simplicity and decluttering. We love the use of clean-lined furniture with slight decorations and soft structures. This trend likes to incorporate natural materials, muted-down colours and minimalist elements. To create a Japandi style dining room, think about incorporating a Japandi dining table and chairs and simple, natural decorations. Pair these elements with soft colours like white, beige or pastel-elements to create a lovely, warm atmosphere in your home.

Japandi style is one of the biggest trends in recent interior design, and we simply love it. It mixes the functionality and monochrome style of Scandinavian design with the loveable Japanese minimalism. This leads to a cosy, comforting style with a sense of simplicity. We love how Japandi style creates the perfect counterpart to the stressful, technology-based world we live in. It is perfectly easy to add the atmosphere of a safe haven to our home by using Japandi-style furniture.

Japandi style is a combination of Scandinavian cosiness and functionality and Japanese simplicity. This hybrid design blends both styles together and achieves a unique feeling of comfort, simplicity and Zen relaxation. Japandi style tends to have a more dramatic, darker vibe than the classic Scandinavian look, as it incorporates earthy tones with terracotta, charcoal and a rich shade of green. We love how it prioritises minimalist living, de-cluttering and creating a harmonious look, which helps to balance out the stressful, technology-based world we live in.