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The dining room is, in many ways, the heart of the home, and we are particularly fussy about choosing the perfect chair to support good meals and have great conversations. The shell dining chair fulfils a lot of our requirements: it features a modern, avant-garde-inspired look, is perfectly comfortable and comes with beautiful curves. We love the variety of shell back dining chairs to choose from: grey shell dining chairs are super elegant, pink shell dining chairs add a feminine touch and velvet shell dining chairs add a luxurious look. These are just a few examples of the many styles of shell dining chairs.

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You will love Our Shell Dining Chairs

The dining area is of great importance if you like to host guests and have lovely dinner times with family and friends. This makes furnishing the dining room particularly tricky if you are looking for a stylish design but also want to provide comfortable seating. The shell dining chair can fulfil these requirements with ease. It is a lovely piece of modern design and adds a contemporary touch to your home.

The shell dining chair is a classic example of modern design. It was launched around the 1950s by Charles and Ray Eames and was the first mass-produced chair in which the seat and backrest were crafted from one single piece of material. Since then, this invention has been used and newly interpreted by many designers, which makes it possible to choose from a huge variety of shell back dining chairs. 

The defining feature of the shell back dining chair is the contemporary style with beautiful curves and ergonomic features. Especially upholstered versions provide outstanding comfort, are equipped with soft padding and are wrapped in many lovely materials to choose from. We love the gently cocooning backrest, which creates a perfectly cosy feel. 

Most shell dining chairs come with a low back, which is designed to reduce pain and fatigue and can prevent long-term problems like chronic back pains. The low-back design is perfect to create an airy feel in the dining room and balances the dimensions of chairs and tables. It is also a very modern approach to styling the dining room, contrasting the high-back design of traditional-styled chairs. 

The modern look of shell back dining chairs is supported by a variety of materials and lovely colours to choose from. Pink shell dining chairs can add a dash of colour to your home and create a lovely, feminine look. Grey shell dining chairs offer a very elegant appearance and are super easy to combine. A unique, vibrant look can be achieved with bold colours like blue, orange or green shell chairs. However, there is no need to just choose one colour. Try to mix and match different colours to create a unique, vibrant look. 

We love a comfy upholstered chair and the different textures of the lovely materials. The foam padded shell dining chairs come upholstered in luxurious velvet, elegant linen or industrial (faux) leather. These upholstered chairs are decorated with eye-catching stitching details, which add a lovely texture to the look. We can especially recommend the mix of pink velvet shell dining chairs and grey velvet shell dining chairs, which create a soft look with a slight pop of colour.  

Don’t miss out on discovering a very special shell dining chair: the scalloped shell chair. It combines the modern shell look with the Art Déco style of the 1950s. The decorative seashell shaped back creates a unique appeal and adds an eye-catching focal point. Our range of scalloped shell accent chairs is perfect to be placed at the head and foot of the table.

We have a wonderful range of shell dining chairs to choose from. Browse the large selection and discover beautiful designs and materials.

Shell Dining Chairs FAQ

What is a shell chair?

A shell chair is a modern-looking chair inspired by the contemporary designs of the 1950s. A typical shell chair consists of a seat and backrest, which are crafted from one piece of material and rest on tapered legs. The original shell chair was made from plastic. More recent interpretations of the iconic design come with additional foam padding and are upholstered in premium materials.

The original shell chair was designed by Ray and Charles Eames. It was the first mass-produced chair, which was originally made from a stamped metal shell. The design was very successful and widely appreciated; it was copied and refreshed by various designers. We love the recent takes on the original design, which are foam padded and upholstered in different fabrics.

The first shell chair was created by Ray and Charles Eames. It was crafted from a stamped metal shell and was the first mass-produced chair in history. The material was switched to fibreglass in the upcoming years, which turned out to be hazardous to the environment later. The original material was replaced by polypropylene in 2006. The original design of the chair was copied and refreshed by various designers, creating many variations of the original look.