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Spindle back dining chairs have been around forever. And it is clear why: they are a timeless option, showcase excellent craftsmanship and feature ergonomic designs. We appreciate the enduring charm, understated elegance and versatility. Spindle back dining chairs are perfect for complementing a rustic farmhouse setting but can also add a contrasting touch to your modern, contemporary or industrial environment. Our range of spindle back dining chairs offers a diverse range of options with versatile designs and classic styles.

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You will love Our Spindle Back Dining Chairs

Spindle back dining chairs come with an enduring appeal and are versatile seats which are hard to resist. The wooden construction, featuring slender vertical spindles, combines classic aesthetics with functional, ergonomic designs. It is easy to love spindle back dining room chairs. They are timeless and come with a specific warmth that is hard to resist. We invite you to dive into the world of these slender-spindled wonders and explore their history, different styles and decorative options.

The story of spindle back dining chairs has a long history, and it is hard to date the unique design to a specific year. The style was invented centuries ago and has evolved over time. Spindle-back dining room chairs were especially popular during the 17th century when they spread widely and could be found in many American and European homes. Over the years, this classic design has never disappeared due to its practicality, ergonomic style, and timeless look.  

Dining chairs spindle back are typically crafted from wood and feature a distinctive backrest consisting of vertical rods. These spindles are evenly spaced and run between the top and bottom horizontal rails, creating a visually appealing pattern. The classic high back spindle back dining chair is equipped with a wooden seat and a sturdy, traditional base. We love the gentle arch of the backrest, which mimics the shape of the human body, making even long meals with family and friends comfortable and relaxed. 

Round back spindle back dining chairs are the most versatile option you can find to decorate your dining room. Their timeless appeal and a large variety of different colour options and wood types to choose from make it easy to combine them with different interior designs. It is easy to combine wooden spindle back dining chairs with traditional, rustic or farmhouse styles. But pairing them with your modern, industrial or boho style also creates a fantastic look. The simple and unobtrusive design of high back spindle dining chairs allows them to harmonise with different table materials, shapes and styles. Imagine a cosy dining space, bathed in warm light and equipped with a rustic farmhouse table and a set of charming spindle back dining chairs. Or imagine a masculine, industrial-style home with open-brick walls and a sturdy metal workbench surrounded by rich black spindle back dining chairs. It is easy to picture the timeless appeal of dining chairs spindle back in various settings.

After you’ve snagged a set of delightful farmhouse spindle back dining chairs, the true fun begins: decorating! The ergonomic design ensures a relaxed seat. However, this should not keep you from decorating your chairs with plaids and cushions. This infuses a sense of character and adds instant warmth and cosiness to your space. Consider earthy tones for a rustic farmhouse feel, or experiment with bold colours for an eclectic, modern vibe. Plaids and cushions add texture to the look and make it easy to change the appearance of your dining room as often as you want to without changing your furniture.

While antique spindle back dining chairs may seem destined for your dining room, their versatility extends way beyond this space. Picture a classy, wooden chair in a cosy corner of your bedroom, decorated with a plush throw. Or imagine a solitary spindle back dining room chair in your hallway, waiting to help out when you are trying to put your shoes on. The possibilities of areas that would benefit from an additional chair are as endless as your imagination. 

There is no doubt that oak spindle back dining chairs are a lovely addition to your home, providing comfort and a truly timeless look. We are happy to have gathered a wide collection of wooden spindle back dining chairs, waiting to complement your classic, modern or eclectic dining room setting. Our range “spindle back dining chairs uk” offers many different colours, designs and constructions.

Spindle Back Dining Chairs FAQ

What are spindle back chairs called?

Spindle back dining chairs can also be referred to as Windsor chairs. This term is associated with the English town Windsor, where spindle back dining chairs were especially popular in the 18th century. The design of the spindle back dining room is defined by the round spindles, which are used to create a comfy, ergonomic backrest. The style of these chairs has evolved over time and has been adapted with various wood types, colours and styles, but the spindle back is still the descriptive feature.

Spindle dining chairs are perfectly comfortable, thanks to their ergonomic design and functional style. The spindles are spaced between the top and bottom rails, featuring a slight curve that mimics the human body. A spindle back dining chair allows a bit of flexibility and ensures your back gets the support it needs while providing a slight airflow to keep you comfortable. Whether you are enjoying a relaxed meal with family and friends or engaging in a board game session, Windsor spindle back dining chairs keep you comfortable and invite you to relax.