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About crackle Glass Mirrored Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your house it’s hard to beat the glamour, elegance and sophistication of sparkly mirrored furniture. The Venetian-inspired beauty of these shimmering pieces will transform any room by creating a beautiful focal point and adding a sense of decadence and indulgence.

At Picture Perfect we love how mirrored furniture can enhance any area of your home and we’ve taken the beauty of this material one step further with our stunning Crackle Glass range. Combining the sophistication of mirrored silver, champagne silver, gold silver and white furniture with the iridescent beauty of crackled glass, this wide collection is bound to impress.

Invented by Venetian glass makers in the 16th century, crackle glass is now more popular than ever before. Originally, sheets of glass were dipped in cold water while they were molten hot; this would then crack the glass and allow it to reflect the light and sparkle. The effect is simply stunning, with a look that brings pure indulgence and a real sense of glamour.

Thanks to the dazzling, light-reflective properties of crackle glass, these pieces can add the illusion of space to otherwise small areas, while providing a beautiful, functional centrepiece. And if the space in your home is larger, then these pieces will give you a glittering focal point. Whether your room relies on natural or artificial lighting, the allure of crackle glass and its ability to reflect and sparkle will never fade.

From our striking crackle glass framed mirrors and pedestals, to white crackle glass cabinets, gold crackled glass console tables, and champagne crackled glass dressing tables, this is a striking range that can create a look unlike any other. These sophisticated and dazzling silver mirrored furniture will literally transform the feel of your home, bringing class and elegance to each room, whilst radiating light and luminosity.